To the Environmental Protection Agency and The Army Core of Engineers:

As much as I would like to sit on my haunches and just see what happens I know that’s a luxury that I can’t afford. The stakes are so high that I must take this iPad in hand, and hopefully for the health of our nation try to bring some modicum of common sense to the E.P.A.’s latest power grab.

It is complete arrogance of this agency to think that it has all the scientific knowledge that is necessary, and it’s positive belief that Mother Nature is in their camp that they are now ready to tell us as we the people that it is in the best interest of us as the the citizens of this land we call America to LISTEN UP.

Gina McCARTHY who is an over the top, arrogant Nit Wit, who couldn’t pour water out of a boot somehow or another has been inserted into the job as head of the E.P.A. She has the gall to think that along with with another irrelevant agency, The Army Core of Engineers are all knowing all seeing enough to take charge of all the rain that falls on all our 50 states so that we of lesser minds will all be saved by their superior intelligence. What I get from their “don’t worry we will take care of you” is that we can now live with tranquil confidence that all’s well with planet Earth is this:

I want to shout as loud as I can for everybody that has ears to hear that it “ain’t so!

I don’t know how “We The People” were so asleep at the switch to let this kind of lunacy go this far. I guess we only need grab any history book for the answer. This world has spawned many of the same ilk like Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid and I’m sure there are thousands more sociopaths that knew they had the correct path to lead us all to Nirvana.

So to all you believers with Common Sense, I employ you to write to your Congressman and tell them this utter nonsense has to STOP.

Hope you all join the fray,

Jack Varian

A Letter to Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle Sam,

Since I got this new-finagled typewriter called an iPad it has made letter writing much more convenient, especially when it takes care of most all of my misspelled words. I’ve decided that I’m going to try expressing some of my feelings to you about our United States from never to sometimes.

In regards to my last letter, just a few days ago where I thought it might be a good idea to tell the E.P.A. to back off a little…Well I believe it’s still a good idea. So I want to shine some light on the premise that melting some of the vitriolic talk that expels reason would be a good thing.

I believe that we the people are moving toward a cynical and fear filled territory where nobody seems willing to listen to the other guy. Where conspiracy theories carry more weight than the Laws of Physics. Where Common Sense plays an ever-smaller role in our daily lives.

What I see as a very partial solution is for some entity of importance I.E. our U.S. Congress or a member of Congress to start to question our Partisan Frontal Attack. It is a winner take all, no compromise approach to solving the problems that come before the various legislative bodies of our land.

Here Sam, are two destructive practices, fostered by government that digests part of one’s tranquil brain cells. For example, this hand washing fetish that abounds today. It has created a nation of Germ Freaks that spend far to much time looking into every corner and crevice for a Germ waiting to devour said freak.  Sam I don’t mind washing my hands after a days work, not so much for the health benefit which is negligible, but to keep my wife who doesn’t want my dirt scattered about the house making it dirty.

Ever since we Omnivores climbed out of a tree (or fell out we), decided that living on the land was a more stable place to prosper in and we had less of a chance of being judged “out of his tree.”
Upon leaving the tree being unemployed was not an option. For that meant starvation, so everyone worked real hard learning to eat a diet of bugs, roots, leaves and then topped it off with a nice steak. While they were doing all this hunting and gathering to live they did a lot of bending, digging, running and walking called exercise that was part of their survival package.

Fast forward to the 20th century, school boards across the country with not enough money have decided to trade out P.E. for the installation of junk food vending machines in order to make a few bucks.


This Out of the tree life style has served us well until up until the keeper of our health, THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, decided that meat and dairy had Cholesterol, the demon that has caused many of our Heart Attacks etc. But now according to a new article that I read in Time Magazine meat and dairy are now on the O.K. to eat list. That there is more good stuff going on than meets the eye, hidden inside a nice juicy steak or a glass of milk.

I think that the business community, the advertising world and the government all use scare tactics to sell their agendas. As I see it the only one that could be asked to tone down the rhetoric is government. The other two, in order to make a profit will mostly likely not change.

Now I’m not against profit as that’s what pays my bills. But on the other hand, we just can’t afford to sweep our countries emotional turmoil under the rug. For if we do we will all see more aberrant behavior, more obesity and a yet to be discovered collection of things that won’t be good for society; pick your poison.

A possible alternative: Somebody invents a supper pill to take away all our cares so we can live in the Land Of Same. Ugh!

Your friend,

Jack Varian
P.S.  Sam, I wrote this while wearing my Rose Colored Glasses

Thirty Minutes is More Than Enough

“I think I can still multi-task” popped in my head this evening as I watched some young lady on Wheel of Fortune had just won $30,000. That information entered through my Hearing Aid, while my eyes, peeking through my glasses, at the same moment caught sight of a small article about a most loathsome corporation suffering from a bad case of The Peter Principle.

The article stated that anybody or anything, no matter how big can rise to It’s level of incompetence. In my view, Wal Mart is now giving for all the world to see a text book definition of how The Peter Principle works. The latest edition of Barron’s Financial Weekly bold types Wal Mart’s Woes. Wal Mart, the world’s largest retail stores, cut its earnings guidance for the year after posting its seventh straight quarterly decline in U.S. store traffic. Meanwhile, JC Penney reported that sales improved for the third quarter in a row.

It wasn’t but a year ago that JC Penney was almost in a free fall and the Wall Street Vultures were salivating about how they would carve up the Penney carcass. But a new C.E.O. came on board and took the company back to basics by putting customer service first.

Well I just spent as little time as possible in our local Wal Mart store getting two 50 pound bags of my dog families favorite meal. I will have to give Big Wally credit for keeping my dog’s favorite meal on their shelves of course, but the kudos stop there. As I load my 100 lbs of manna into my shopping cart that has one square wheel which causes my cart to go Ka-Bumping and pulling in an annoying right direction, the main concourse is so crowded with stuff that it’s more of an obstacle course than a road to the cash register.

As I look about most all of the customers have a set to their jaw much like mine. One of,

“Lets get this trampling of my dignity over with as quickly as possible.”

Why do we put up with this abuse? I hide behind the fact that there’s always a place to park. The downtown of most cities have been gutted by Wal Mart, Target Ect. and the price for this deluge of Made in China goods is supposed to be cheaper.

Well, the newspaper article said that Big Wally’s store traffic has been in decline for 7 quarters. This says that some of stout heart are saying enough is enough and have moved on. One of these days I’m going to quit whining and stand with these stout hearts, put a smile on my face and go buy my underwear at J.C.Penney’s.

See Ya!