The First Step is Always the Hardest

Hank Williams was a famous singer/song-writer back in the 1940s and ’50s.  If the lyrics of one particular song fit your lifestyle then this blog is probably not for you.   One of the the stanzas goes like this: “live hard, die young and have a beautiful memory.”

I translate this to mean in today’s world: “get a beer, dive (the dangerous part) for the couch, turn on the TV with the remote, and watch a football game.”  For you ladies, the drill is much the same, only you might want to watch The Ellen Show.  Now, at the end of the day whatever hour that is, if you can sit upright on your couch and smugly say “what a great day, who could want for more,” then this very lopsided view of mine on how to have a beautiful day is most assuredly not for you.

I subscribe weekly to Time Magazine.  Quite often, their pages are full of words that make me grind my teeth and salivate at the absurdity of what some left wing journalists has written to solve each our individual or our country’s or the world’s problems.  I think he or she dreamed their gibberish up while diving for the couch!

But this article that made the front page of Time was about a miracle cure for what ever ails us.  First, it’s necessary to pay homage to the legal profession by stating: don’t do this at home.  Don’t pour all your drugs down the drain.  Don’t quit drinking that evening bottle of wine.  Don’t leave the couch.  So what is this miraculous cure?  It’s called EXERCISE.

What gives me the right to crow about this?  Well, I’m into the early years of my 8th decade on earth, and still standing upright on the ground.  I take comfort in likening my body to and old car.  You have to put gas in the tank.  My engine runs best on Regular.  Premium grade gives me a sugar high.  I’m not much on having my body all bright and shiny as it takes too much of my time doing something that’s only going to get dirty again.  Although, I do like a clean windshield so I can see where I’m going, in life, that is.

Now, finally, I’m going straight to the point of all these metaphors.

Take on a little nourishment, then, get off your ass, off the couch, out of the shade, into the light of day and shake your booty.  It’s called exercise.  Let it lead you to the sunny side of the street.
See Ya

One thought on “The First Step is Always the Hardest”

  1. Mister Jack,
    My name is Dan McCorquodale and I met you a couple of times at the Café in Parkdale. I retired from the Calif State Senate and have traveled around the country with my black Lab, Max. Max took his last trip without me and left a big void in my heart. I have now bought and trained a yellow Lab, Sophie and she is learning to travel and hunt pheasants.

    Like you I have entered the 8th decade of my life and am trying to take care of all the things I left undone in those years.
    One of those is to provide a small honor to Artimus Ginston, who worked so hard with me in developing the County Park System in Santa Clara County. She spent untold hours working on the Trail System for the parks at a time when she received very little support for her work. Today this system is touted as a major wonder of the County and I am trying to get one of the trails named after her. Unfortunatly, there are few people who were here when she was working on this effort and I need people who knew her to support her having a trail named after her. If you know anything about her interest in Trails or if you can let me know of someone who might I would appreciate it.

    Incidentially, we obtained a German Shepherd for my wife from Patricia and he is doing great. I hope to make the Bluegrass function next year.
    Hope this finds you well,
    Dan McCorquoale

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