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  1. Hi. My name is Richard Whiting and I teach Earth Science at Douglas High School in Doulas Arizona. You might be surprised how I found your blog. As part of my curriculum I teach a unit on earthquakes. One of my most valued resources is the PBS website . If you go there and access their ‘Earth Revealed’ video series (they have several) the 9th video in that series is a short video on earthquakes. If you fast forward to 15:30 you will see a country road and a group of mailboxes. The last mailbox has your name stenciled on the side. I simply Googled your name and there you were. I really enjoy reading your blog and your thoughts on life today, and life today compared to life as it used to be. If you don’t believe there is a difference, just try finding bailing wire (as you so deftly pointed out). You have to go down to Ace Hardware and buy ‘utility wire’, which you will recognize as ‘bailing wire’. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading. And yes, I also have horses. Most of my neighbors do also.

    Richard Whiting
    Earth & Space Science instructor
    Douglas High School
    Douglas, Arizona

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