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Young Americans Need to Paddle Their Own Canoe

I just finished watching the democratic candidates debate the issues of the day.  I am going to confine my remarks to only one part of the debate.  The candidates were asked how they would solve the problem of the epidemic use of heroin by the youth in the states of Vermont and New Hampshire.  The three candidates threw out the easy solutions and a few other solutions that we could all agree on, but to me they never addressed the real problem.  I think it would be more relevant if we recognized that drug abuse is a national problem.  It concerns everyone in the U.S.A. who care about the plight of our youth.  What do we do now?

Bernie Sanders (aka Robin Hood) was most vociferous with his attack on the wealthy.  Just take from them and give to the poor will be the answer to all of our domestic woes.

Hillary and Mike took a slightly more pragmatic view.  What I got from the candidates was that all problems could be solved with money.  Let’s have a $15 minimum wage for all ages so we can further isolate our young people from the working world.  Let’s guarantee that all our future High School graduates can go to college for free.  Never mind that not all our graduates might rather go to a technical school and learn to work with their hands.  Let’s say nothing about “quality of life” and how the adult world might be able to help out.

I think that neither the Democratic nor Republican party has the answers for today’s youth.  The medicine needed is a much too dangerous brew to swallow.

So let’s dare not say anything about the fact that there are a lot of misguided messages being sent by parents to their kids that get translated by some kids as a call to make trouble for society and themselves.  I bring this issue up because I know politicians won’t, and I also don’t know where the good answer can be found.  I do know this is a grass roots issue that the citizens must tackle.

Teachers unions that protect incompetent teachers at the expense of those being taught is a gross injustice.  Disallowing our young people from having summer and after school jobs is “child abuse” caused by a one size fits all minimum wage and workers compensation laws. This further increases the distance between our youth and the work place.  Idleness will be the unintended consequence, creating a vacuum that many times gets filled with the worst kinds of mischief.

The constant “drum beat” rings to be careful, be careful, until a child starts looking for what can go wrong instead of what can go right.  I believe that risk taking should be encouraged.  Many parents will hide behind the tired old adage “you might get hurt, and more importantly, I might be labeled a bad parent.”

For me, I would rather raise a physical cripple who was hurt taking a risk than all the emotional cripples that are in their 30’s and afraid to venture out of their parents house.  We need to stop referring to the fact that each child born must always have a future brighter with more opportunity than their parents. What this is saying is it’s always up to society to provide happiness to each new generation and it’s not the responsibility of our youth to join in the process.  This doctrine is doomed to fail.

I do believe that most of the time the best things in life are free.  I hear the party faithful yelling Corny! Corny! Corny!  Any politician worth his salt knows that more money, more laws, and more regulations will always solve a problem because that’s what we the people believe.  It’s also why we always elect the same people over and over again; we do it because “we the people” don’t want to take a chance on change because it might be wrong.  Instead, we make laws about our youth that keep incumbents in office.

So, to all you young people, don’t wait for us make the quality of your life.  Your life is your responsibility.  Don’t be afraid to make changes in direction along the way.  Happy Trails to all of you, and remember:  don’t yell WHOA in a bad place.

See Ya

I’m Running For President

My country encompasses that lower part of Monterey County, California.  The northern boundary is King City and the southern boundary is the San Luis Obispo county line.  It runs from the Pacific Ocean east to the Fresno County line in the west.

If you’re going to have a country, you have to have a capital.  Parkfield is the name of ours; population 18.  It has all the trappings of a fully functional city.  Why, we have the finest one room school in the land, an Inn and Cafe,  a state of the art town hall, rodeo arena, church with service on Wednesdays, and a Cal Fire forestry station.  We are the earthquake capital of the cosmos.  I think other folks on other planets in the cosmos must have earthquakes, but I’m sure ours are the best.

I’ve heard tell that if you’re going to run for president you have to have a platform.  It’s supposed to show what I plan to do for my country!

I believe that our future rests with our youth.  So what am I going to do about it?

First, I will fire the principle of any school that wants to ban tag from our grammar school  playgrounds.

Secondly, I will have a duel minimum wage that will allow our youth under the age of 18 to let the employers of our land and our youth decide what each kid has to offer in the way of energy, skills, cooperation and attitude to measure their worth.  In our present day society most youngsters are priced out of the labor market because of the minimum wage.  The employer must pay more than they’re worth so these inquisitive, energetic  kids are relegated to spending their learning years consumed with television, cell phones, drugs or some other destructive habit.  Let’s quit wasting these precious years in the name of child welfare.  What we’re doing now to our youth is true child abuse.  Let’s let them work and play at jobs and games that leave them with an optimistic view of themselves.

Third, everybody in this day and age needs to know how to drive an automobile.  In our country of mostly country roads, I propose that our youth learn to drive at 12 years of age.  Anything learned at a young age is always better than at an older age.  Dancing is much the same; learn to dance when you’re young and less inhibited and it will come easy.  In my country, dancing will be offered in grammar schools.  Plus it’s good exercise.

Fourth, exercise will be mandatory.  Those that exercise will be less likely to become couch potatoes in later life.

Now we have a good academic environment for kids to learn in.  If book learning is not your cup of tea, vocational programs will be as important as studying to be a lawyer (which we have far too many of).

The government that governs best governs less.  This means you’re going to have to make it mostly on your own.

Next, we need to practice the Golden Rule ( do unto others as you would like them to do to you).  It’s the best way I know of to get along with your neighbor.  If you really want to put frosting on the cake of neighborliness, don’t keep score, and do 51% of whatever.  You know, that probably will work in a marriage, too.

The right to keep and bare arms will not be denied.  Private property rights, though not perfect, is light years ahead of any system a government might dream up.  I see many more stewards of the land doing a wonderful job now than I did 30 or 40 years ago.  We need a little patients as the old miners of the soil die off to be replaced with new younger stewards. Once armed with new sustainable ways to care for the lands of our nation, they will move into the decision making arena.

By the way, the name of our nation that I would like to preside over is Cholame (a Yokuts Indian word meaning “The Beautiful  One”). Add in a motto to live by– never yell whoa in a bad place– then throw in a song to brighten your day (Oh What a Beautiful Morning from the stage play Oklahoma) and you have my platform.
See Ya,